Characteristics of male impotence

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a problem that affects to about fifty percent of the world wide male population, although in many cases this is just a transitory disorder. The causes for this problem are catalogued in two groups, the first group has organic origins, and the second group has a psychological origin. Recent investigations reveal that about thirty percent of male sexual dysfunctions are caused by physical factors. The treatments, based on the source of the impotence, are fundamentally psychological and medical, and both types of treatments are combined in cases of mixed impotence.

Causes of the male impotence

Physical causes have gained great relevance recently due to a biomedical and pharmacological investigation; such investigation has revealed that about thirty percent of the cases of male erectile dysfunction are caused by physical factors such as the intake of certain medicines and controlled substances such as alcohol and drugs, or diseases like vascular problems, diabetes, malformations or lesions on the penis, painful erections and neurological disorders at the level of pelvic nerves among other causes.

The psychological causes responsible for the emergence of erectile dysfunction involve as the most important cause the anxiety produced by the concern of pleasing the sexual partner, the man becomes exigent with his performance and it is translated into a state of anxiety which only decreases the quality of the sexual performance.

Male sexual impotence can also be classified in primary and secondary. The classification will depend on the moment of the emergence of the problem, if it has existed during the whole sexual life of the individual, or if it has emerged after a determined circumstance.

The personal situation of the individual has also an important incidence over the emergence of male sexual dysfunction, as the lack of knowledge of sexuality, or the fear to produce an undesired pregnancy. The coexistence of other sexual dysfunctions can also trigger the emergence of male sexual impotence.

Looking for the adequate treatment for male sexual impotence

Most of men affected by male sexual dysfunction wonder if there is any effective treatment, if there is any solution that can help them to get rid of the problem. There are many treatments available according to the source of the problem; however there is a natural treatment which covers most of the causes of this sexual issue.

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