Implications of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as the situation on which the man ejaculates before the desired moment, which means that there is an involuntary reflex which hinders the man to control his ejaculation. There are many degrees of premature ejaculation, in the mild cases the man ejaculates from three to eight minutes after the beginning of the sexual encounter, and on severe cases the man ejaculates before penetrating his partner or just a few seconds after the beginning of the sexual intercourse.

For some investigators, the premature ejaculator is man who is unable to control his ejaculatory process long enough to satisfy his sexual partner at least in fifty percent of the sexual encounters, though such definition considers the sexual satisfaction of the sexual partner, it is also important to consider the amount of time the woman requires to reach the orgasm which is variable and depends on the woman. In addition, there are women who cannot have an orgasm due to motives different to the ejaculation.

In many occasions, the man blames his sexual partner for the problem, thus he becomes very tense, he avoids any kind of foreplay because he fears to get excited too soon and therefore being unable to control his ejaculation, therefore the sexual encounter becomes mechanic, clumsy and unnatural, the man concentrates too much on his ejaculation and becomes distant with his sexual partner.

The woman on the other hand, feeds resentment because she believes that his partner is being indifferent with her on purpose. In time, a communication, erotic and sensual rupture takes place on the relationship. The man feels unmotivated in regards to sexuality and his own image and masculinity; his self confidence becomes considerably decreased. If the problem keeps evolving without any solution, it can be transformed in time in some kind of psychological impotence.

The causes for this disorder are many; some professionals assert that the constant practice of a fast masturbation during the adolescence increases the possibilities for the emergence of premature ejaculation. Another cause for such disorder is the lack of sexual experience, if the man has almost no sexual experience, then the incidence of the problem is higher. Most of guys experience this problem on their first sexual encounters.

Another frequent cause is the sexual anxiety and the nervousness experienced during the sexual intercourse, men with tendency to concern and anxiety are more prone to experience premature ejaculation. Nervousness, which is a factor related to anxiety, constitutes another cause for the emergence of premature ejaculation, this state can be caused by the fear of not having a proper sexual performance.

The situations that take place during the sexual encounter also have an important role on the emergence of this problem. Thus, the dysfunction has more chances to emerge in circumstances that involve a high state of nervousness, like the sexual encounters produced in places where the couple can be discovered. Premature ejaculation can suddenly emerge; such negative episode can generate concerns on the individual.

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