Frequently asked questions

What is Hot Rawks?

Hot Rawks is a natural supplement formulated to increase the quality of sexual life through the supply of the appropriate nutrients to the organism; this supplement formulation addresses the problems experienced by men and women, since homeopathic ingredients have been carefully selected in order to provide satisfactory results.

What are the benefits provided by Hot Rawks?

Sexual desire and stamina are improved due to the formulation of Hot Rawks, each ingredient of Hot Rawks has been selected because of their nutritious properties which are useful to address any lack of desire or any sexual dysfunction with organic causes.

Which kind of sexual dysfunctions can be treated with Hot Rawks?

There are many sexual dysfunctions that produce a negative effect on the lives of both women and men, most of these dysfunctions have organic causes, the problem is aggravated when the person begins to experience anxiety due to the sexual dysfunctions. In order to break that vicious cycle, the formulation of Hot Rawks has been designed to address any organic physiological problem that can be acting as a trigger for the sexual dysfunction.

One of the most common sexual dysfunctions that affect men with very well known organic causes is the erectile dysfunction; this problem is mainly caused by blood irrigation problems, when the arteries or the veins of the structure of the penis become affected by some kind of disorder. Hot Rawks formulation include ingredients that have as a main goal improve blood flow on the organism, but mainly on the area of genitals, in that way the penis is able to receive the appropriate blood irrigation to feel the corpora cavernosa and produce a powerful and durable erection that can last on the course of sexual intercourse.

Another sexual dysfunction that affect men is associated to stress and anxiety, and it is known as premature ejaculation, such disorder emerges when the man is constantly concerned for his sexual performance, concentrates on it and forgets of just enjoying the sexual encounter, as a result, the anxiety accumulated becomes the trigger for premature ejaculation leading to an unpleasant sexual encounter for both men and women. The ingredients of Hot Rawks have as an important goal to reduce the anxiety and nervousness, producing a state of relaxation that allows the man to just enjoy the sexual intercourse, leading to a better male sexual performance.

A frustrating sexual dysfunction that affects women and men is the hypoactive sexual desire, which can also be treated with the natural formulation of Hot Rawks, since each ingredient has been carefully selected to boost sexual desire and libido.

Which are the benefits produced by Hot Rawks on male sexuality?

The man will be able to experience stronger and more durable erections, being able to enjoy of the most pleasurable sexual encounters without having to be concerned all the time for his performance.

Which are the benefits produced by Hot Rawks on female sexuality?

Sexual desire and libido in women is increased with Hot Rawks, and additionally lubrication and blood irrigation are improved.

Hot Rawks