Orgasmic disorder in men

The definition for orgasmic disorder in men is similar to the female orgasmic disorder; it means that male orgasmic disorder constitutes the persistent or recurrent absence or the delay of the orgasm after having developed a normal phase of sexual arousal. The male orgasmic disorder has also been called delayed ejaculation or inhibition of the ejaculation, this disorder is very unusual, however it can be caused by psychological or functional causes.

It can be experience by older men who are experiencing a gradual reduction of sexual sensibility; as a consequence, they require more time and more intensity on the stimulation to reach the orgasm, some specialists call such dysfunction as deferred ejaculation which should not be confused with the orgasmic disorder that is being explained.

It is also important to clarify the difference between orgasmic disorder and retrograde ejaculation, which is another male sexual dysfunction that takes place in the presence of an organic problem which prevents the internal sphincter of the blister from closing, as a consequence the man experiences ejaculation with the implicated pleasurable sensations of the orgasm but without expulsing the semen to the outside, instead the semen is expulsed inside the blister.

In the case that the male orgasmic disorder is related to other sexual dysfunctions, there has to be established d double diagnostic of sexual disorders. Two factors with great incidence on the emergence of male orgasmic disorder are the age (as the age of the individual is increased, also his difficulty for having an orgasm is incremented) and the type of stimulation received. As a consequence, the emergence and evolution of such problem is usually contrary to what happens in the case of women. Generally men are able to easily and spontaneously have an orgasm at the beginning of their sexual life; they get to acquire orgasmic experience between the fifteen and twenty years of age. Therefore, most of the male orgasmic disorders are acquired or developed in the course of their sexual life.

Most of the causes for the male orgasmic disorder are psychological factors, being the most important the anxiety; there are men who try to have an excessive perceptive control of the experienced sensations, and such analysis can become an obstacle to have a pleasurable sexual intercourse or it can decrease the sensation of pleasure, hindering the possibility of having an orgasm. An inadequate education with very strict religious precepts can also be the trigger for male orgasmic disorder. Another important cause for the emergence of male orgasmic disorder is the lack of sexual desire as the problems with the partner.

As it has been mentioned, male orgasmic disorder can also be associated to other disorders of sexual nature, thus it is normally associated to premature ejaculation and inhibited sexual desire. In general the orgasm is associated with orgasm, therefore the most frequent type of male orgasmic disorder is the incapacity for reaching the orgasm during sexual intercourse, and however it can be easily experienced with masturbation.

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