Which is the origin of male sexual impotence

Male sexual impotence which is also known as erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects thousands of couples. Though in the past there was the belief that psychological problems were the cause for male sexual impotence, the current investigations indicate that about ninety percent of the cases of male impotence are caused by physical problems, in general related with the irrigation of blood to the penis. Fortunately the diagnostic and the treatment of erectile dysfunction have evolved a lot.

Primary premature ejaculation

This disorder is normally acquired by a man on early stages of his sexual life, just like any other behavior, the primary premature ejaculation is also learned, however it can be modified with exercise and with the help of natural supplements such as Hot Rawks.

Secondary premature ejaculation

This type of disorder emerges after many years of having a normal sexual performance; duration of sexual intercourse is progressively shortened. Secondary premature ejaculation is produced by physical causes which generally affect the veins or the arteries of the penis, and therefore if the irrigation is affected the man is unable to maintain the erection long enough.

Anxiety of performance

A very common type of psychogenic impotence is the anxiety produced by the fear of not having the optimal performance during sexual intercourse; such fear causes stress and anxiety which only decreases the quality of the sexual performance of the man.


This is another type of psychogenic impotence, since some medicines employed to combat depression also trigger erectile dysfunction.

Organic impotence

Organic impotence affects veins and arteries of the penis, and it constitutes the most common cause of impotence, especially on the case of adult men. When the source of impotence is an arterial problem, it is generally caused by atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries, although this type of impotence can also be caused by a trauma on arteries.

The controllable factors of risk which produce the atherosclerosis such as the lack of exercise, the excess of weight, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and smoking very often can cause erectile dysfunction before affecting the hearth. Many experts believe that when the organic impotence is caused by problems in veins, the cavernosal failure is the most common vascular problem.


The impotence very often affects people with diabetes. In United States there are five millions of adult men affected by diabetes, and according to the surveys about the half of such population is also affected by male sexual impotence. The process implies the premature and usually severe hardening of arteries. In addition, people affected by diabetes are also at great risk of suffering peripheral neuropathy which has a negative incidence over the nerves in charge of controlling the erection.

Neurological causes

There are many neurological causes (nervous problems) which lead to male sexual impotence, among them there can be found the intoxication caused by heavy metals, multiple sclerosis, chronic alcoholism, lesions on the nerves and spinal cord, all of these factors can cause male impotence.

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